New Lines in Stock from your Local Tool Distributor – Fragram Tools

by fragram_tools

We have just received our latest shipment with three new lines that we are very excited about.  Firstly we have 2 sets of stubby ring open end spanner sets, in both metric and imperial/SAE, to cover everyone’s uses. We haven’t had these in for a while now, so please take advantage of them while stocks last.  They are very useful in situations where space is limited, ie automotive and plumbing. Another line which is something we have had in the past, but now we have a new and improved version of it, is the 9″ Adjustable Bevel Square etched with dual measurements metric & inches, black carbon steel blade, beechwood handle and solid brass fittings. Lastly check out our new S.G. Iron Fixed Base Bench Vices! These vices are made from Unbreakable S.G. Iron (Spheroidal Graphite).











All of these new lines are currently available online at
or at your nearest distributor [find your nearest distributor on our website].

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